Favorite Links

Cindy Smith ATP AEP – www.cindysmithaep.com

  • Learn about the Archangels, and your Angel Team. Stepping into your Power workshops.
  • Angel Empowerment Practitioner Training
  • Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner Training

Jaden Sterling – www.jadensterling.com

  • Wealth Mastery and all things money wise are Jaden’s area of Specialty. Learn how to use your intuition to achieve financial freedom.

Ernesto Ortiz – www.journey2theheart.com

  • The Akashic Records, Shamanism, Trance Dance, Reiki, & Massage are just some of the many talents that Ernesto offers.

Jennifer Mueller – www.friendsandgems.com

  • Located at the Crossroads Farmers Market, Friends and Gems has many special crystals to play with, as well as other great gift ideas for sale.

Laura Money – www.countrygardencrystals.ca

  • Two beautiful country cottages, just outside of Crossfield, AB hold hidden treasures in the form of beautiful crystals and specialty gift ideas as well as incredible workshop space with a wide assortment of workshop topics and guest speakers.

Sherry Dreger – www.pegasusranch.ca

  • Drumming circles, Horse working workshops for children, and a magnificent healing & spiritual space are just some of the interesting events that happen at Pegasus Ranch in any given month.

Christina Workman – www.amethystanswers.com

  • Website creation and Social Media Training for Small Businesses.


The sessions and services offered here are not intended to replace services such as medical, psychological, or counseling from a licensed Physician, Psychiatrist, or Counselor. Sessions and training are not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological, or counseling treatment or therapy.

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