Major Services

All Major Services are $111/hour or $55.50/half hour – by appointment only

Angel Card Readings (In person, Skype, or by phone)

Angel Card Readings are a beautiful way to receive loving messages from your Angels, and Guides. An Angel Card Reading is similar to that of a Tarot Reading, only the messages are coming straight from your Angels and Guides, rather than from your “higher self” as it is with a Tarot Reading. Messages from your Angels will always be loving – they will never steer you wrong, and they will never guide you to do anything negative. You can ask your own questions, or just see what they have to say. Did you know that the Angels are there anytime we need them? The thing is that we need to ASK and they are more than happy to help out. So…have you decided what to ask for?

Akashic Record Consultation (In person, Skype, or by phone)

The Akashic Records are like DNA of the Universe. They are the soul’s journey over time, so every thought, word and deed is registered in the Akashic Records. Each soul has it’s own Akashic Record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys. The information in the Akashic Records helps us to bring our past, present and future into the ‘now’. By accessing the Akashic Records we can identify and release anything that we have created that has become a block to our present realization of our oneness with God. Do you have addictive or reoccurring patterns? Not sure why you have the same relationship over and over? The Akashic Records hold the answers to these questions, and many more. Learn how to create ‘action’ instead of ‘reaction’ in your life today. Please bring a list of questions to the session.

“Additional Services & Tools” (can be an add on to Major services)

Additional Services $50/half hour – (no charge if incorporated into an Angel Card Reading, and completed within the time frame of the Angel Card Reading)

  • Etheric Cord Cutting – Etheric Cords are invisible cords we attach to every person, place, or situation that we come into contact with each and every day. Do you feel completely drained after you have anything to do with one particular person? Do you feel you need to mentally prepare before you can talk to someone? Chances are you have a cord attached to them, and they are unknowingly “taking the good” out of you. Put a stop to this situation and feel better immediately!
  • Chakra & Aura Clearing – Through various different techniques, we will help to pull out any unwanted or unneeded debris that is left behind in our Chakra’s and Aura’s on a daily basis. Feel energized and lighter.
  • Past Life Clearing – The Archangel’s are called upon to assist in the removal with any blocks you may be experiencing when it comes to health, fears, phobias, emotions, relationships, life patterns, and abundance.
  • Mediumship – Is there someone that you loved who has crossed over and you desperately want to communicate with them? Maybe you have unfinished business to take care of, or you just need to know they are alright? Catherine can help you to get those messages, or just to connect once again to those that you love.
  • Tea Leaf Readings – Tea Leaf Reading has been around as long as people have been drinking tea it would seem. You will choose a tea blend that appeals to you, think of a question or situation that you wish to have guidance in, and drink your tea. Once done drinking, I will analyze your leaves, and give you any messages or information to your questions. You will be able to keep your cup and saucer as a souvenir and reminder of your reading!

Bundles and Packages!

  • The “Results” Pack – Pick one of the Major Services & add on two “Additional Services, or Tools” of your choice. (1 hour and 45 minutes – 2 hours and 15 minutes in total) $220.00
  • The Tools Pack – Your choice of two “Additional Services, or Tools” $100.00
  • The Sample Pack – One Mini Akashic Record Session & One Mini Angel Card Reading (30 minutes each) $111.00
  • The “Give Me More” Pack – Buy 3 Angel Card Readings, or Akashic Record Sessions (Mix and match Reading & Sessions, and can also be shared with friends if desired. Sessions must be used within one calendar year) $320

At Home Parties!

Mediumship Parties

Individual Sittings! Individual sittings with each guest at your party will ensure that every person has an opportunity to connect with, and receive a message from someone they cared about that has crossed over.
Cost: $30/person – 15 minute sittings or $60/person – 30 minute sittings


Circle Sittings! Sitting with your guests in a group, Catherine will tune into Spirit, and present strong evidence regarding which Spirits are present, and what messages they have for your guests. (Due to the size of your group it can not be guaranteed that each guest will have a Spirit present itself for a message for them.)
Cost: $250 for 2 hours

Combination Mediumship & Angel Parties

15 minute individual Angel Card Readings for each guest, followed by an hour of Circle Sitting Mediumship will give your guests the best of both worlds!
Cost: $30/person for each Angel Card Reading, and $150 for an hour of Mediumship

Angel Parties

Do you have a party or gathering where you would like to offer a different sort of an evening? Why not host an Angel Party! Each guest will have the opportunity for their own reading where they can ask their own questions, or just see what information is given to them through Mini Angel Card Readings.
Cost: $30/person – 15 minute reading, or $60/person – 30 minute reading

Angel Parities with a Twist!

Are you interested in getting some friends together to learn how to prepare your own Angel Card Deck and do mini readings for yourself as well as others? Each guest will learn how to choose the deck that is best suited for them at that time, as well as how to prep their deck and how to interpret the messages that flow from your Angels! (A deck of Angel Cards will be included for each guest)
Cost: $75/person

Combination Angel Party & Angel Party with a Twist!

15 minute Individual Angel Card Readings for each guest, followed by learning how to read Angel Cards for yourself.
Cost: $88/person


The sessions and services offered here are not intended to replace services such as medical, psychological, or counseling from a licensed Physician, Psychiatrist, or Counselor. Sessions and training are not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological, or counseling treatment or therapy.

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