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Nova S.
I was suffering from very vivid extreme dreams. Vivid and violent enough that I would wake up in cold sweats and be unable to sleep for the rest of the night! After I described to Catherine what I was experiencing, she made several suggestions on how I could get a more restful sleep. I am pleased to say that the first night I did what she suggested, and I slept both soundly, and dreamless then, and have ever since! I must add that we did all of this remotely as I live outside of Canada as well. Thank you Catherine!
Lynn P.
Having an Akashic Record Session changed my life. The tools that you gave me during the session were instrumental in the changes I have made. Catherine you have a real knowingness, and put people at ease. You can tell your connection to Spirit is very strong. Thank you so much!
Christina W.
When you have an Angel Reading with Catherine, don’t expect to just have your cards read. With Catherine, it’s a whole experience, which for me included cord cutting, aura cleaning and taking home some great suggestions for dealing with my specific issues. Catherine has a wonderful energy about her, making her extremely easy to chat with. I felt immediately at ease, comfortable and safe.
Cheryl T.
Thank you Catherine for sharing your gift with me (WHAT A GIFT YOU HAVE!) Through the sessions I have had with you I have been able to move forward with more confidence and have let go of the past that no longer serves me. Words could never say enough for the graditute I hold in my heart that our lives have crossed paths. Thanks for you support and insight!!!
Rosanna B.
Your session really gave me reassurance and insight on the next few months.


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